30 Gifs in 30 Days: Skater Chick

This little animation looks pretty simple, but it was massively informative to create. When trying to character rig the body, I learned the hard way that Duik will only allow for three bones per IK. After working around that issue, I realized that I could have built this whole character out of sine waves, which would have resulted in a smoother, more elegant design, especially with regard to the underlying code. I'll likely rebuild this rig the "right" way, including the animation of her hair,  for a later practice. For now, I just want to let her ride for awhile.

On the up-side, this is the smallest animation I've made. It's just over 2 seconds and the initial render was only 4 megs. (By contrast, the walk cycle animation I've been working one for weeks, renders the 10-second clip at almost 2 gigs). 

3d Model Experiment

Use your mouse to adjust 3d model

I was looking for a way to show some of the packaging work I've done including a box that has intricate work on each panel and it seemed that the best solution for the reader would be use a 3d model that the reader could manipulate with their mouse or touch pad. 

I first considered using ZBrush for this, but I was worried that the clarity wouldn't be ideal. And really, I'm not confident using image planes yet, so I'm not sure that it would even be possible. 

So, I started exploring my options and came across x3d, which is a great little script that allowed me to create the test file seen above pretty quickly. I still haven't figured out how to get a different image on each side of the cube, though the tutorials/code is out there (something is going astray in my code so I'll just have to keep tinkering), but I was really pleased with this solution and the UX. More to come on this!

Helpful websites for this project:

Faking Powder Photography

Playing around with Photoshop tonight to see if I could use dot patterns to convincingly simulate high-speed power photography. Short answer is yes, but it would take a really long time at high resolution to be fully convincing. This one only took about an hour.

Original photograph by Olenka Kotyk

Original photograph by Olenka Kotyk

After Effects and Cinema 4D Lite Tutorial

When trying to find out of Adobe was going to create some 3d modeling software, I found this tutorial explaining that After Effects already includes a Lite version of Cinema 4D which allows you to create some basic 3D modeling within AE. I'm choosing this specific tutorial by VinhSon Nguyen, because he creates a really beautiful example of text that is integrated into it's full-color- background. A really nice artistic approach explained very clearly. 

This AE feature seems useful for text, but perhaps not for my immediate need. My current goal is to create a 3d model of the packaging pieces I've made for my portfolio so that reader's can freely manipulate (twist & Turn) the image while viewing. Need to do more research on the right program to learn to accomplish this.