3d Model Experiment

Use your mouse to adjust 3d model

I was looking for a way to show some of the packaging work I've done including a box that has intricate work on each panel and it seemed that the best solution for the reader would be use a 3d model that the reader could manipulate with their mouse or touch pad. 

I first considered using ZBrush for this, but I was worried that the clarity wouldn't be ideal. And really, I'm not confident using image planes yet, so I'm not sure that it would even be possible. 

So, I started exploring my options and came across x3d, which is a great little script that allowed me to create the test file seen above pretty quickly. I still haven't figured out how to get a different image on each side of the cube, though the tutorials/code is out there (something is going astray in my code so I'll just have to keep tinkering), but I was really pleased with this solution and the UX. More to come on this!

Helpful websites for this project: