Planning: Brand Focus

So, I’m starting by attempting to outline the steps for each category of work. Starting with the most foundational piece:

Brand Purpose

  • Identify Leadership Team (LT) and Key Stakeholders (KS)
  • Work with LT and KS to establish definition of core motivation
  • Work with LT/KS to establish 3 focus areas or pillars, which turn core motivation in to focused behaviors/actions
  • Work with KS including focus-area experts, to determine the methodology practiced that has led to Client achieving expertise, giving Client unique selling proposition
  • Work with LT to determine key markets that warrant custom messaging; work with writers/editors to finalize language
  • Work with KS to determine which existing products best articulate expertise in a focus area, and create focused descriptions of these projects with highlighted achievements and learnings.
  • Identify copy editor resource to review copy holistically before final “going live” stage