Social Media Portfolio

Social media is one of the most exciting design environments in which to be creating right now. For those of us that continually crave new ways to communicate visually, social media offers new opportunities for design innovation, advertising and brand theory.

Smart social media design allows a brand to engage conversationally with its customers as a living, nuanced personality. Messaging can be pitch-perfect with precisely targeted advertising and brands can develop niche tones within their brand voice to engage new markets and better connect with existing customers, without straying from core brand values.

Although I’ve been helping my own clients supplement their overall marketing plans with social media for several years, I recently had the opportunity to contract with Amica Insurance as their social media designer. This role allowed me to become more immersed in this ever-changing world, and learn more about how social media can create meaningful relationships.  


Games and Debates 

What Doesn't Belong?

In this simple game, viewers were ask to identify the objects that didn't belong in the historic 1912 photograph of the company's founder. 


Videos and Animated Gifs

I created several videos and animated gifs for holidays, events and safety tips. Using video is fun way to increase social engagement but requires careful understanding of each channel's technical requirements and the skill to meet them, especially with regard to file size.

PLEASE NOTE: The password for all videos is "play"

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Sponsorship Campaign using Augmented Reality

I've written more thoroughly about how I came up with his idea, how I designed the elements within the app, and campaign activation here.

AB Testing on Twitter

Additional Samples